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National Research Council.

The main objective of the framework agreement with the National Research Council is the creation of multilingual computational specialist lexicons, in which Italian, which plays a central role, will be placed alongside different languages, representing the different linguistic-typological areas. The final aim is the establishment of an Italian Observatory on Multilingualism, permanent and continuously updated: a database, formalized according to state-of-the-art technologies of computational terminology, to study and understand the relationships and exchanges with other cultures and languages that in throughout history they have come into contact with the Italian people.

The modeling of languages typologically different from Indo-European will allow us to integrate the models on which computational lexicons are based today, which take into consideration almost exclusively the morpho-syntactic characteristics of the languages belonging to the so-called Standard Average European. Furthermore, the creation of these multilingual lexicons will make it possible to enrich the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud with resources dedicated even to underserved languages.

In parallel with the development of the multilingual and multicultural termino-ontological resource, technological and scientific objectives will be pursued which include advances in terms of models and tools for text annotation, representation and manipulation of lexicons and knowledge.

The resulting digital resources (lexicons and texts) and software tools will be made available to the entire community (scientific and otherwise) through CLARIN – IT the Italian hub of CLARIN, the European research infrastructure for digital humanities and cultural heritage.

Don Calabria Foundation for Social.

The Rut Foundation and the Don Calabria Foundation for the Social have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the “multilingual digital research project, to promote social cohesion and strategic cooperation in the field of intercultural dialogue”.

Through the memorandum of understanding, Participatory Action Research paths will be built to:
  • Promote third sector support tools for managing the initial reception of migrant citizens;
  • Promote tools to support research, training and updating activities for teachers on the topics of promoting legality, reception, social inclusion and combating discrimination;
  • Promote support tools for operators, in the context of policies to combat educational poverty, understood as a space for coordination of the third sector network, exchange of good practices, monitoring and evaluation of individual activities;
  • Promote support tools for the implementation and consolidation of projects aimed at the economic empowerment of girls and women who live in a marginal condition.

Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies.

The agreement is aimed at promoting collaboration between the Rut Foundation, the Babylonian Talmud Translation Project and the Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies of the National Council of Researchfor the implementation of projects aimed at:
  • Promote future literacy among young people in areas at risk through support for the organization of interactive imagination workshops based on the use of creative methods for social research, with particular emphasis on the video storytelling technique;
  • Methodologically support the development of the survey of the needs of young people in risk areas.

Roma Tre University.

As part of the agreement with the Roma Tre University, the Rut Foundation has activated two three-year research grants for the carrying out of studies in the areas:
  • Sud America: ricerca multidisciplinare sulle dinamiche sociali, politiche ed economiche sulle cause strutturali del conflitto armato e della violenza in Colombia in relazione al Sistema Integral de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No Repetición (SIVJRNR);
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: anthropological research on the socio-cultural dynamics that define the institutional and humanitarian responses to gender violence in French-speaking West Africa in order to build an archive of memories and testimonies also in relation to migratory movements.

AOI membership.

Rut Foundation is a member of AOI the largest Italian network of Non-Governmental Organizations operating in the field of development cooperation. As part of the collaboration with AOI, the Rut Foundation promoted the StopTheWarNow campaign to defend Peace in Ukraine.

Adherence to the "Educational Pact for the City of Naples".

The Rut Foundation was invited to participate in the scientific committee of the “Educational Pact for the City of Naples”. The pact represents an inter-institutional collaboration agreement, an educational process aimed at generating a territorial system capable of preventing the phenomena of juvenile distress and deviance and, at the same time, offering opportunities for hope and life to Neapolitan young people and children.


Rut Foundation was born from the experience started by the Babylonian Talmud Translation Project with the aim of broadening the field of research and promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue…

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