Editorial by Giovanna Martelli - General Secretary

Harlequin's dress

It may be that when we thought of the ERRE magazine it was Carnival time, I don’t know which year. For us, ERRE is Harlequin’s dress: initially white and a little torn, then patched up with the colors of those who shared a piece of the road with him.

Rut Foundation and ERRE travel companions, observers of a dystopian world caught between technological acceleration / artificial intelligence and global inequalities: in the post-pandemic period, 10% of people own 76% of all global wealth.

Rut and ERRE will try to investigate the complex phenomena of our time, through the telling and testimonies of significant stories and experiences, almost as if they wanted to affirm that the secularization of knowledge, power, economy and culture have deprived us of the search for meaning, offering us an unlimited market of options but progressively limiting our capacity for discernment and choice.

The first issue will be dedicated to Foundations / Fundamentalisms, bringing to the reader’s attention a reflection by Maurizio Gentilini on the origins of fundamentalism, with Luigino Bruni we will discuss the loss of community bonds, the difficulty of recognizing those who are different from us and living on the periphery of humanity. The testimony of Edith Bruck brings to our attention the aberrant belief in being bearers of an absolute truth, destined to degenerate into contempt for others, to aggression and finally to war and extermination. We will show solidarity, in our pages, with the struggle of Iranian women through the reflection of the journalist Hana Namdari who brings our attention to the foundations of Iranian culture and leads us with her story, up to the time of occupation of minds carried out by the Iranian regime which has as its main objective, like all fundamentalisms, the freedom of women.

The stories that we will find in the pages of ERRE will bring us back to the urgent need to build a “consciousness of us” in opposition to the “supremacy of the self”, to the importance of the alliance in respect of the dignity and integrity of the other, in full spirit of Ruth, inspirer of our research and action.

Foundations / Fundamentalisms to pave the way to generativity, which we will encounter in the second issue of ERRE dedicated to “Mothers”, starting from the thoughts of Adriana Cavarero to recover the profound symbolic value that sees women as generators of living beings , inhabitants of the Earth united by the experience of motherhood. We will reflect on motherhood in its many guises: as a duty imposed by patriarchal society, as the achievement of social recognition, as a limit for a professional career. We will talk about the mothers who lose their children in the atrocities of war and the fundamental function of mothers and women in building and maintaining peace.

A job, the construction of ERRE, of sewing together different thoughts and stories that will open us to new reflections, useful for bearing witness to the need to keep together research, technological innovation with the needs of daily life, of civil coexistence, of environmental sustainability, of Peace. A plural stitching that will lead us to wear a dress patched with a thousand colors, just like Harlequin.

Thanks to those who believe in us, to those who criticize us, to those who collaborate and to those who guide us.
The common trait of fundamentalist movements lies in transforming a religious belief into an instrument of struggle for the conquest of political power.
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