Agreement stipulated between “ROMA TRE” University and Rut Foundation for the implementation of research activities of common interest

The Director of the Department of Political Sciences of the “Roma Tre” University, Daniele Fiorentino and the Rut Foundation, have signed an agreement for the implementation of research activities of common interest.

Specifically, the agreement is aimed at:
  • promote and carry out academic exchange activities between male and female researchers, in Europe, Latin America and Africa, engaged in the aforementioned topics;
  • encourage the mobility of teachers and researchers in the context of research projects;
  • support cultural and scientific cooperation through the exchange of scientific material through the implementation of digital platforms;
  • encourage participation in common actions, such as: programs promoted by the European Commission or other bodies and foundations; proposals aimed at acquiring financial resources for the construction of structures and for the development of research and/or training projects; development of common training and research paths.

The Rut Foundation, within the scope of this agreement, will promote and finance two three-year research grants for the implementation of scientific research aimed at the development of contents, to be integrated into a digital platform of human rights and communication with the objective to promote social cohesion and strategic cooperation in the context of intercultural dialogue. The reference geographical areas identified for the implementation of research activities are:

South America: multidisciplinary research on social, political and economic dynamics on the structural causes of armed conflict and violence in Colombia in relation to the Sistema Integral de Verdad, Justicia, Reparación y No Repetición (SIVJRNR);

Sub-Saharan Africa: anthropological research on the socio-cultural dynamics that define the institutional and humanitarian responses to gender violence in French-speaking West Africa in order to build an archive of memories and testimonies also in relation to migratory movements.

The activities, carried out jointly, will be part of the infrastructural activities that the Institute of Computational Linguistics “Antonio Zampolli” conducts within CLARIN-ERIC – Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, a research of pan-European interest classified as ESFRI Landmark SSH RI in the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 and as high priority in the PNIR 2021-2027) as the implementing institute of ILC4CLARIN, national node of CLARIN, and headquarters of the coordination of the Italian CLARIN-IT consortium. The collaboration with CLARIN will ensure for the data and technologies developed jointly, the care, adherence of the metadata, models and representation formats to international standards, and maintenance throughout the entire life cycle, from the Data Management Plan, up to the their distribution according to the usage licenses, thus ensuring the sustainability of the results of the collaboration.

The methods of execution of the Framework Agreement will be defined by specific operational agreements with the Research Institutes, starting with the “Antonio Zampolli” Institute of Computational Linguistics in Pisa.

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